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YOU GET ONE BONUS DRAW ENTRY for each friend who joins our “Book of the Month” club and email list, within the same month as you.

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YOU GET 25 BONUS DRAW ENTRIES, if five of your friends join our “Book of the Month” club and email list, within the same month as you.


Each friend who joins earns ONE DRAW ENTRY in the month that he/she signs up for our mailing list, and remains eligible for all subsequent monthly draws – the same as you. No other action on his/her part is required.

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There is N0 LIMIT as to how many groups of five can be referred within any given month, e.g. two groups of five friends each = 50 BONUS DRAW ENTRIES for the referrer.

Bonus draw entries don’t carry over from month-to-month. But you can share with different friends and earn bonus entries in each subsequent month’s book draw.


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