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May/June 2021’s Featured Books

The Rum Runner’s Chronicles by Sherilyn Decter

She left her criminal life behind. Will her new business venture send her to sleep with the fishes?

This trilogy by local author Sherilyn Decter is a fast-paced historical fiction adventure set in the Prohibition-era.

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Previous Winners of the Book of the Month Club Draw

April 2021

A Court of Contempt by Rebekah Lee Jenkins, won by…

March 2021

Horses, Dogs, and Wives by Bryce Burnett, won by Vera Osborn of Weyburn, SK

February 2021

Tom Thomson From the Art Gallery of Ontario and the National Gallery of Canada, won by Judy Aarts of Carberry, MB

January 2021

Churchill Hudson Bay: A Guide to Natural and Cultural Heritage by Lorraine Brandson, won by Heather Dalgleish of Shilo, MB.

Cover of book Woman In Scarlet

December 2020

Woman in Scarlet by Karen L. Adams, won by Bill Granger of Nesbitt, MB.

cover image for book "For the Love of Yellowstone" by Doug Dance.

November 2020

For the Love of Yellowstone by Doug Dance, won by Patricia B., of Carberry, MB.