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January 2021’s Featured Book

Churchill-Hudson Bay: A Guide to Natural and Cultural Heritage
by Lorraine Brandson

cover image of book "Churchill/Hudson Bay - A Guide" by Lorraine E. Brandson

This book is a complete guide for the local, the visitor, or the curious bystander which gives details and history about all the life in Churchill; people, animals, plants, even the stones, the wind, and the stars.

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Previous Winners of the Book of the Month Club Draw

Cover of book Woman In Scarlet

December 2020

Woman in Scarlet by Karen L. Adams, won by Bill Granger of Nesbitt, MB.

cover image for book "For the Love of Yellowstone" by Doug Dance.

November 2020

For the Love of Yellowstone by Doug Dance, won by Patricia B., of Carberry, MB.