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...remains gripping to the very last page. of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series will discover a comparable treat here.

Kirkus Reviews

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It is a time of life-altering tension between the prairies’ indigenous peoples and treaties being imposed on them by the Canadian Government. The conflict eventually leads to the 1885 North West Rebellion in the District of Saskatchewan.

Scottish trader Ian McNab, of Pounding Lake, has impetuously married Catherine, a girl half his age from eastern Ontario. Intent on settling into a prosperous life on the prairies, Ian refuses to acknowledge the winds of change blustering across Canada. He puts both their lives at risk in this hauntingly beautiful, yet unforgiving land.


A small North West Mounted Police detachment is assigned to keep the peace as the Big Bear band of Plains Crees is coerced into making camp at Pounding Lake.

By withholding winter rations, an unscrupulous Indian Agent is intent on forcing the volatile Big Bear band into accepting a reservation being offered by the Government.

Jay Clear Sky, Cree interpreter between the band and the agent, befriends Catherine McNab. Out of concern for her safety, he gives her his sacred Amulet to protect her from harm.

A long and bitter winter worsens the situation as the starving Indians are alternately provoked by the Agent and refused the barest of essentials. Who can survive under such conditions?

Predictably, the conflict ignites a crisis, not only changing lives — changing the course of Canadian history.

“There are three things you must love and trust: your woman, your brother-friend, and your land.” Powerful words in a story with powerful passions, betrayals, and consequences.

Sherilyn Decter, author of the Bootleggers’ Chronicles series